To find a sponsor for the EB-3 visa can be challenging but it is not impossible.

 A common way to find employers that can be sponsors in this process is to search for job offers in websites such as Jooble, Indeed or ZipRecruiter through the search “Visa Sponsorship Offered”. This way the results will be filtered to what you need.

 Another way is to network and talk to acquaintances that work in the same field in which you want to get a job vacancy, searching for recommendations and references.

 To be informed about the process, to know the stages and to obtain as much information as possible is essential so that the approach to a possible sponsor is successful.

 Many times, to take a step back accepting a less qualified job offer than what you would do in your motherland can be a smart attitude. Since most Americans are not interested in this type of job, the process is also simpler and the requirements are not as stringent as they are for the second and first preference levels (more qualified positions).

 Now you know how to start your research to find your Sponsor!


Good luck!

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